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Innovative Solutions

At Epoxy Chemicals, Inc., we specialize in the research and development of curing agents for epoxy formulated products. These products are used in a variety of construction, flooring and composite industries. Our focus is on specialty hardeners based on cycloaliphatic amine and aliphatic amine chemistry.

Custom Epoxy Solutions

Let our staff provide innovative technology for your evolving needs.
Epoxy Chemicals, Inc has wide ranging expertise and can offer insight into the requirements of an epoxy product for a specific application. We will work with you to provide a long term solution that suits your needs. We will develop your product that is exclusive to you. We can also toll produce/package this material for you.

Facing a unique application?

We Can Help.

Looking for finished products & Private Label Epoxies?

Epoxy Technology

Epoxy Chemicals is determined to provide products and solutions for your business through market changes, materials shortages, and industry demands. We have a vast global and heritage of epoxy – amine hardener expertise with synthesis capability. Let us leverage this to help you achieve your goals.

Material Shortages

We provide formulating solutions to combat inevitable material shortages, while maintaining the quality and specification of a product. 

Performance Properties

Our formulations enhance the performance of products through the use of advanced formulations and cutting-edge technologies.


Our specially trained team of professionals develops all formulas with jobsite safety in mind.


Our team is committed to environmental responsibility, with a focus on reducing waste and conserving resources.

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The Latest

APR Polyamine

Functional “Drop In” for AEP with lower blush and improved strengths

A8 Polyamine

Versatile cycloaliphatic polyamine designed  to be used in many construction applications like adhesives compliant to ASTM 881, Coatings and Flooring applications. Excellent damp adhesion and it’s DOT non corrosive.

FB 618 Polyamine

This IPDA alternative will greatly improve your through cure  without the need to add accelerators. These accelerators could eventually lead to reduced color stability or hydrolytic stability (Water Spotting).

FS 290 Polyamine

This is a very popular reactive accelerator that can be used blended with other amidoamines or polyamides to accelerate the cure speed. This material also does not contain nonyl phenol.

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