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Performance Enhancing Products

At Epoxy Chemicals, Inc., we are committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation in the field of curing agents for epoxy formulated products. Our team of experts specializes in researching and developing unique solutions to meet the needs of the construction, flooring, and composite industries. With our extensive knowledge and experience, we are able to offer customized formulations that are tailored to meet the specific requirements of each application.

One of our primary areas of focus is on specialty hardeners that utilize cycloaliphatic amine and aliphatic amine chemistry. These curing agents offer several advantages over traditional hardeners, including increased resistance to moisture, UV light, and other environmental factors. Additionally, they provide excellent adhesion and can improve the overall performance of epoxy-based products.


Epoxy Amine Curing Agents

Epoxy Chemicals Inc. specializes in the research and development of epoxy amine curing agents, which enhance the performance and durability of epoxy formulated products.

Epoxy Reactive Diluents

Epoxy Chemicals Inc. provides reactive diluents to customize epoxy resin viscosity for use in a variety of applications, including civil engineering, coatings, adhesives, flooring, and composites.

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